Rac Plus I

Rac Plus I

Distance Measuring Instrument

The RAC Plus I brings the accuracy, reliability and productivity of using a vehicle installed distance measuring instrument within the reach of everyone. All distance and speed information can be read directly from the RAC Plus I's display. Distance measurements are accurate to 1 foot per mile, even in slow speed applications. The durable, light weight case (7.8” x 2.3” x 1.2”) allows you to mount the DMI virtually anywhere inside the vehicle. The unit can be plugged directly into most existing vehicle wiring for a distance measuring instrument, allowing you to quickly and easily upgrade your DMI to the latest technology. By connecting to this plug, the AutoLink II sensor is able to determine when the vehicle is moving and send that information to the RAC distance measuring instrument, allowing it to keep track of the distance you have travelled as you drive.

Simplify Your DMI Installations

• Simple plug & play installation with the AutoLink
• Automatic Calibration allowing for quick simple calibration on all vehicles
• Change distance – Pre-Distance setting if starting a known point. Counts up or down
• Interval Distances – Display distance in intervals between points of interest (poles, signs, markings etc)
• Extremely Accurate – Distance measurements accurate to 1 foot per mile

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