Distance Measuring

North Line COYOTE

The COYOTE is the ultra-modern distance measuring instrument (DMI) that does it all. With unique features, including multiple menus for multiple jobs, job assignments, hazards tracking, and reporting, the COYOTE is the latest industry standard.

As part of our commitment to conservation, North Line illuminates species at risk. The coyote is of least concern on the IUCN Red List (2008).

RAC Series

The RAC-Plus-I and RAC-GEO-II are in-vehicle distance measuring instruments (DMIs) designed for works departments, utilities operators, and road and rail crews. With users in mind, RAC Series solutions mount to dashboards for unrestricted access and at-a-glance audits of speeds, distances, and GPS coordinates.

The RAC-GEO-II works with RACPro software.

RAC Series solutions work with AutoLink for the most accurate results.


RACPro is data analysis and reporting software required for the RAC-GEO-II.


The AutoLink quickly and easily connects a vehicle to RAC Series solutions via the on-board diagnostics (OBDII) port for the most accurate results.

The AutoLink works with RAC Series solutions.