Parking Management


North Line BAT

The BAT is the indispensable parking solution. This all-weather radar (with built-in heater!) detects approaching and receding vehicle traffic, and records specific data based on user requirements. With the strength to capture up to 8 million detections on one secure digital (SD) card, the BAT is ideal for high-traffic parking garages and lots, apartments, offices, malls, checkpoints, weigh stations, recycling centres, and more.

Downloads: Specifications (PDF)

As part of our commitment to conservation, North Line illuminates species at risk. On the Government of Canada's Species at Risk Public Registry, the pallid bat is threatened (2010), the tri-coloured bat is endangered (2013), and the spotted bat is of special concern (2014).


With wireless sensors and real-time vehicle detection, Sensefields magnetometers and data processors offer an end-to-end solution for parking management.