North Line OWL

The OWL is the instinctive choice for non-intrusive vehicle, cyclist, and pedestrian video detection. Its high-definition colour camera captures 170-degree views, and operates with a built-in timer for unsurpassed precision. With optional LTE connections, solar panels or additional batteries, the OWL is optimal for short- and long-term traffic studies and permanent placement.

The OWL works with the TDC Ultra.

Downloads: Specifications (PDF)

As part of our commitment to conservation, North Line illuminates species at risk. The snowy owl is vulnerable on the IUCN Red List (2017), and the spotted owl, barn owl, and burrowing owl are endangered on the Government of Canada's Species at Risk Public Registry (2016).

TDC Ultra

TDC Ultra hand-held data collectors can perform up to 10 manual traffic studies on-site, or based on video recorded by the North Line OWL.

Black CAT Series

With a non-intrusive, roadside radar detector, and a lightweight hose detector, the Black CAT series can detect and report on vehicle speed, class, and volume in one- or two-direction traffic. In addition to vehicles, the Black CAT series is a solution to detect volumes of cyclists and pedestrians.

Black CAT Series solutions work with TRAXPro software.

Downloads: Radar Specifications (PDF)

TRAX Apollyon

The TRAX Apollyon is a straightforward solution for vehicle detection. With a single lightweight hose, it detects vehicle volume; with a second hose, it also detects vehicle speed, class, and gap.

The TRAX Apollyon works with TRAXPro software.

TRAX Apollyon Plus II

The TRAX Apollyon Plus II is a straightforward solution for vehicle detection, plus ultra-sensitive air switches for cyclist detection and a built-in GPS that guarantees accurate data collection.

The TRAX Apollyon Plus II works with TRAXPro software.


TRAXPro is data analysis and reporting software required for TRAX Apollyon, TRAX Apollyon Plus II, and Black CAT Series solutions.