Clearview M680

Vehicle Detection Solution

The M680 range is available in a variety of configurations from the monitoring of a single lane of traffic for parking lot through to 8 lane highway application with both piezo sensors and inductive loops. Rapidly scanning each loop and piezo sensor, the M680 can report vehicle counts, class, direction, speed, lengths, axles, axle spacing and gap/headway in each lane. The M680 collects data on each vehicle for scheduled, manual or real-time delivery over packet-based communications.

The Machine Learning Loop Detector (MLLD) is the next generation of M680 loop card designed to improve the accuracy of individual class types within a class scheme. By utilising a combination of Machine Learning techniques and the latest designs in loop card hardware, the MLLD card can more accurately identify classes with similar characteristics. Machine Learning is used to create a specific class scheme algorithm for the MLLD.


• Latest generation inductive loop based count/classifier
• A comprehensive range of configuration, connectivity and additional interface options
• Simultaneous production of real time and historic information
• Extremely low power consumption
• Accurate vehicle algorithms to cater for vehicles straddling lanes
• User friendly configuration and management application
• GSM and GPRS communication options for remote data collection


Specifications (PDF)

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