AutoLink II Distance Sensor

AutoLink II Distance Sensor

Distance Measuring Instrument

The AutoLink II OBD Distance Sensor is the biggest revolution in distance sensor technology in the past 10 years. Its simple plug and play installation makes installing a Distance Measuring Instrument the easiest it has ever been.

How It Works

All vehicles since 1996 have been made with an On Board Diagnostic (OBD) plug that provides detailed information about the inner working of the vehicle. This plug, usually located within a foot or two of the steering wheel, allows a variety of devices to monitor the status of the vehicle while it is running.

By connecting to this plug, the AutoLink II sensor is able to determine when the vehicle is moving and send that information to the RAC distance measuring instrument, allowing it to keep track of the distance you have travelled as you drive.

Simplify Your DMI Installations

• Installs in seconds
• Plugs into vehicle OBD port
• No tools required
• No cable splicing required
• No installation costs

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