Trax Apollyon


Pedestrian Detector

The cost effective Apollyon allows you to easily and accurately collect comprehensive time-stamped traffic data at multiple locations. This data can then be processed with the powerful STARNext software to provide volume, speed, class, gap and more information all from one data file. Among the new time saving features of the Apollyon is the elimination of battery maintenance though the use of high-capacity lithium batteries, which don’t require charging or changing. The Apollyon also has a built-in USB port for easy in-field flash memory download, as well as a USB port for direct computer download back in the office

Virtually everyone who uses JAMAR TRAX data recorders prefer them over what they have used in the past. Our quality and reliability
are unequaled.


• Road Tube Traffic Data Recorder
• Highly Accurate and Easy to Use
• Data for Volume, Class, Speed & Gap
• Weighs Less than Three Pounds
• USB Download & Flash Drive Ports

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