Rac Geo II


GPS - based Distance Measuring

The new RAC Geo II represents a revolutionary leap forward in distance measuring instruments. This new device, available exclusively from JAMAR Technologies and its distributors, has an internal GPS receiver that allows it to provide distance measurements without the need of any external distance sensor. Simply plug the device into your vehicle’s 12 volt power outlet (cigarette lighter) and you are ready to go. No calibration, no under hood wiring or splicing, no hassle.

In addition, since the Geo II is using a GPS receiver to track distance traveled, it can also provide GPS coordinates for highway & sign inventory, mapping and much more. The coordinates can be read directly off the display of the Geo II, or stored in memory and downloaded to a computer.


• Installs in seconds
• No under hood wiring
• Portable from vehicle to vehicle
• No calibration required
• Extremely accurate measurements
• Provides GPS Coordinates

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