AGD 645

AGD 645

Pedestrian Detector (contactless)

The AGD 645 Pedestrian Detector brings detection and monitoring of pedestrian and cyclists at crossings to the next level. Using AGD’s patented 3D HD stereo-optics to detect stationary & moving targets over a large 10m x 3m zone, the 645 provides real time Volumetric Data in the form of percentage occupancy. It has an outstanding capability to detect people while rejecting shadows, litter and leaves and small objects such as birds walking through the zone.


• 10m x 3m zone - save on infrastructure costs
• AGD 3D HD stereo-vision - down to min 15 lux
• Volumetrics – dynamic data for high efficiency
• WiFi AGD Touch-setup - speeds installation & reduces risk
• Quick-mask tool - easy zone selection
• IP & Real-time video - instant information for improved safety

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