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North-Line Canada Ltd. is a national distributor and equipment manufacturer of vehicle detection and highway management products.

We offer you over 30 years of detector application experience. Our unique and intelligent devices are integrated into highway management data collection and control systems. These advanced detection technologies are the latest world class products available and include non-intrusive highway products from the leading international manufacturers.

Our product mix includes video, radar, acoustical, inductive loop, infrared and magnetometer technologies.  While these can be cable powered they also may be operated wirelessly and by solar power. Access to our devices is varied using hardwire serial communication, Ethernet and Wireless modem over IP.

While applications are very broad a few are: data collection, incident detection, travel time, intersection control, pedestrian crossings, parking management, license plate reading, distance measurement, highway illuminated road marking and dynamic weigh- in-motion.

Our mission is to provide the latest, most effective traffic detection products and systems that best satisfy our customer’s applications and goals. 

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